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Foam Products is a proudly 100% kiwi owned and operated Flexible Polyurethane foam manufacturing and conversion plant founded in 2013. We have a passion for manufacturing products in New Zealand for New Zealanders.

Our people have over 50 years experience in the Polyurethane Foam manufacturing and conversion industry. We make a wide range of flexible polyurethane foam for all applications such as mattresses, cushion squabs, boat seats, caravan seats, bench and window seats.

Foam Products are suppliers to leading furniture and mattress manufacturers here in New Zealand.

What will my foam cost me?

The price of foam is determined by the density. Low density foams cost less but they soften quicker and lose their shape and ability to support. Higher density foams will cost more but they will retain their properties for a longer time.

What foam thickness should I use?

This depends on the purpose for which you are buying the foam. For seating you need to consider what is the support system under the foam. If the foam is sitting on a hard surface such as in a bench seat then the foam needs to supply all the comfort. If it has springing underneath it then the springing will supply some of the support. Where the foam has to provide all the support then the thicker the foam the more comfort you will get. The thinner the foam then the harder it needs to be to avoid “bottoming out” and feeling the hard surface under it. Seat backs do a lot less work so you can use softer foam and lower density foam.
For sleeping this depends on the weight of the sleeper. Children and light adults need to have 100mm thickness minimum to avoid bottoming out. For average weight adults 125mm thickness and for larger people over 125mm thickness.

How long will it last?

In Foam this is dependent on density, the higher the density the longer it will retain its properties.

Can you cut to various shapes and sizes?

We make our foam in buns which are from 2.1 meters long by 1.6 meters wide and the height varies from 0.7 to 1 meter. We can cut this bun how you want it and we can make longer and wider sizes by fabricating pieces together using an adhesive.

Foam Specification Sheet